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Take Your Business Into the 21st Century


I'm Andrea Provaglio.

I am an expert, independent practitioner, advisor, mentor, and coach in Business Agility.


I have more than two decades of practical experience with my clients. During my career, I have collaborated with a diverse and large number of companies and worked on three continents.


I can help your organization be more innovative, attractive, adaptive, resilient, and effective through a combination of disciplines and practices, including Lean, Agile, transformational leadership, new organizational models, and HR role innovation.


I work alongside managers and teams on corporate projects, providing on-the-job consulting, individual and team coaching, and experiential training.


I am the right person if you are looking for an approach to Business Agility that is expert, mature, independent, practical, and includes the entire company.



If you are an executive or manager working on innovating your organization, you face many complexities and alternatives. I have vast experience, and as an independent professional, I'm intellectually free to offer the advice I believe is best for you. I can also help you evaluate alternatives with an objective perspective.


Sometimes, when you are on your own learning path, you would like to have guidance or a second opinion from someone more experienced than you, discussing in a safe and confidential space. If you are a manager, leader or coach, I can help you with one-on-one mentoring sessions.


Practice makes perfect, the saying goes, which is why it's so important to "get our hands dirty" on real projects. I can work alongside your organization's people, teams, and managers to help them acquire the skills and culture that support and promote your company's Business Agility.


I provide public and in-house experiential workshops designed to engage the attendees in practical exercises, group discussions, and multimodal learning.


My favorite themes are distributed and transformational leadership, communication and collaboration skills (in person and remotely), personal responsibility, the new role of HR, and innovative organizational structures.


I occasionally arrange workshops on specific practices, such as product ownership and product/project portfolio management. 


I issue all workshop attendees a digital certificate based on Open Badge technology.


Check out my innovative, integrated, incremental program that can help your entire organization get up to speed with today’s fast-paced world.


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