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An innovative, integrated, incremental program that helps your entire organizaton get up to speed with today’s fast-paced world


I have designed an innovative, practical and cross-cutting Business Agility program, based on fifteen years of experience with my clients.


A program with a deep, solid foundation and at the same time

immediately accessible, designed to acquire skills and practices that give immediate benefits.


A program that caters as much to the entire company as to the people who drive it.


This is Beyond Agile.


After having carefully observed the real needs of companies, Beyond Agile was designed and organized with these characteristics in mind.


The complete program consists of three macro-levels that unfold over several months: Foundation, Meta and Master.


Each level extends the knowledge of the previous one, but even the Foundation level alone provides concrete benefits and tangible improvements.


The more advanced levels are aimed at specialization in certain areas.


Every company is different and "one size fits all" does not work well.


Therefore Beyond Agile presents several methods, frameworks and tools, but is not based on any of them, nor does it mandate their use.


Rather, it helps you apply effectively, in your own context, the principles on which the practices are based.


Integrates various elements from Lean, Agile, complexity thinking, transformational leadership, and nontraditional organizational structures into a setting with a practical focus.

None of these disciplines is an end in itself, but all contribute their part to the ultimate goal of improving the organization in performing its business.


By definition, Business Agility cannot involve only one department or business function (e.g., production).


Rather, it must cover the entire value generation stream, which involves different roles and functions.


Beyond Agile addresses operational as well as managerial and staff positions.


Beyond Agile starts with the concrete needs, both daily and strategic, of companies.


Content is organized so that it can be immediately put into practice and yield tangible results.


Each person and each organization, depending on the context, progresses at its own pace.


Beyond Agile, through a combination of in-person activities and individual online sessions (with the possible addition of online coaching) allows people to find their own pace and mode.

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Beyond Agile is primarily offered as an experiential corporate training program that combines in-house activities (short lectures, exercises, group discussions), remote coaching, and hands-on practice.


The program is available in English and Italian.


Public classes are also offered each semester, ideal if you have a small number of people to involve and value interaction with participants from other companies.


Contact me for information and subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming public courses.

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Beyond Agile Foundation is the entry point to start getting immediate results.


It is organized around four themes dear to every business: efficiency, flexibility, effectiveness and continuous improvement.


It builds common language and practices across different roles and organizational functions, which is critical to having real results on the business. 

Six Pencils


The Meta level is addressed to those who are in a position to govern or influence the organization, and who intend to promote, support or improve what has been covered in the Foundation level. 


It is aimed at executives, managers, team leaders, and internal coaches.


The main topics are transformational leadership, distributed leadership, HR involvement, organizational structures, and coaching practices.



The Master level focuses vertically and in depth on specific topics of an advanced nature.


It includes sessions with the contribution from experts and specialists on different topics (e.g., generational inclusion).


It also provides for a greater level of involvement, where participants collaborate together on different projects and initiatives.

Launching in early 2025


Contact me if you want to bring this program in-house, or if you need any information.

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